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Does your company need a Marketing Director to call whenever you need some marketing savvy?

A Marketing Director who will craft a dynamic, on-target marketing strategy custom-made for you. And then follow through with the marketing tactics and execution you need to take your company to the proverbial next level.

Kristin Taylor The On Call Marketing Director

Kristin Taylor is The On Call Marketing Director. She provides on call marketing services to innovative companies. This is the ideal marketing solution for companies who know they need effective marketing but don't want to have a full-time Marketing Director on the payroll. Also a perfect fit for companies who have an overflow in their marketing department during a period of high growth or staff leave. Having your own Own Call Marketing Director also eliminates the need to hire a large, expensive advertising agency.

Why Kristin Taylor? Kristin has the experience and the connections to plug into your company as a valued resource. Not just as another marketing consultant but as your Marketing Director. This comes from owning and running an advertising agency for 15 years. From being the Marketing Director for a start-up company. From having an intrinsic ability to listen and write a marketing plan that will get results. From her experience working directly with owners and top management with a wide variety of innovative companies. And from Kristin's connections with top creative talent so the strategies are executed professionally. 

Marketing Success Report

Kristin is hands-on and easy to work with. As your On Call Marketing Director, she has personal experience in writing marketing plans that are based in research as well as in creative thinking. She's a veteran media planner, a public relations professional and loves to work with innovative companies to craft a solid brand. (Kristin has a special service called The Branding Workshop that can really pull everyone in your company together to create a meaningful brand.) Kristin excels in using Social Media to create connections and relationships with your customers.

Contact Kristin Taylor today. Be ready to talk about what your company really wants to achieve. Your On Call Marketing Director can take it from there.

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